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Full retro power. With the electric hand mixer, you can prepare both sweet and savory dishes: It is equipped with three different stainless steel whisks: with the classic whisk for light doughs, hooks for strong kneading and a whisk for fluffy, firm egg whites and whipped cream


The distinctive design of the devices in the 50s style and sophisticated technology come together here: Designed by Matteo Bazzicalupo and Raffaella Mangiarotti (Deepdesign), the hand mixer combines style and versatility, making it ideal for anyone who wants to give free rein to their imagination in the kitchen.


LED display

As soon as the 250-watt motor starts up gently, the handle fades in speed and the running time . Because real baking specialists know: Only through sufficiently long Rühren or kneading a dough becomes so really smooth. When switched off, the display disappears and the elegant chrome of the handle remains to be seen.

&Uml;ber two function buttons you can up to nine speed levels for mixing, whipping and the powerful Turbo function select.

Accessories included

Two Whisk, for airier textures such as whipped cream, sauces or beaten egg whites; two classic Rubbing, ideal forür semi-hard doughs such as cookies and cake batters; two kneading hooks for yeast dough products such as pizza or bread are the ideal tools for any Rühren, whipping and kneading.
Thanks to the non-slip Fü♭e the hand mixer has a stable stand when you want to put it down in between or after Rühren and kneading. In the included cloth bag können you store the accessories.

Whatever you want!

The electric handrührer is not only a versatile and handy small device, but also the perfect ally for lovers of the design of the 50s.

The hand mixer is one of the household appliances with an unexpectedly wide range of uses: just as ideal for simple as for elaborate recipes, excellent for creams, for whipping cream, for mixing cake doughs and perfect for semi-liquid to thick doughs.

Practical, fast and easy to use: Whether sweets, cookies, bread or pizza – you soon won't want to let the Smeg hand mixer out of your hands!

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